A new class of medication to treat Insomnia

With more the 60 million American suffering from Insomnia, any new news in this world creates an excitement.

FDA approved the new drug BELSORMA a new class of medication in the treatment of Insomnia. It works by blocking the chemical Orexin produced in our brain, from working. Orexin is an awakening chemical that in turn activate several areas of the brain responsible for awakening. It is a like a main switch in our house. By turning off the main switch we can turn off the light for the whole house, similarly , Belsorma by shutting off Orexin , can help people fallsleep and maintain insomnia. The drug was approved by FDA last week and now waiting approval from DEA . with the plan for it in the market by Dec 2104.

Any new drugs that come to the market should be used with certain precaution, most of the studies to approved this drug are done on smaller scale and it is not until post market data ias available that we can determine the effectiveness or the risk of new medication. For example Belsorma works on Orexin which is also involve with eating behavior, in particular it creates Satiety ( feeling of fullness) , so we don’t know, if irt will be associated with weight gain. As with any other sleep medicine the risk of day time drowsiness, hangover, sleep walk and headaches are high.

Given all that, getting another tool in our toolkit to treat Insomnia is always exciting and we look forward to learning more about this drug in near further.